Sunday, February 9, 2014

Young Environmentalists Curriculum Elsie Gabriel

Young Environmentalists Curriculum which:

· Develops the essential skills of: reading, writing, mathematics and science
· Has a green aspect evolving from ecology to sustainability through a ‘getting your hands dirty’ and ‘getting mud between your toes’ approach.
· Recognizes and appreciates the local geographical and cultural context.
· Is based on an academic scope and sequence
The Outline of our Young Environmentalists Curriculum are:
To nurture respect for the natural world
To heighten students’ environmental awareness and to promote stewardship
To develop deep ecological values
To understand and practice permaculture as the harmonious integration of land and people to provide food, shelter, energy in a sustainable way
Formation of Young Environmentalists Nature Club-
This includes awareness school classroom/campus projects for Junior:
· Plant/food/fruit/green gardens
· Aquatic systems
· Nature trails
· Waste usage
· Water usage
· Energy conservation
· Employing management systems
· Animal /pet corner
· Local community Eco Fair
· Give ideas to design the school with with renewable resources/energy.
· Young Environmentalists Year end certificates for all .
To offer a curriculum that is holistic: integrating all aspects of the child’s nature, multiple intelligences and curiosity for learning. This is approached through a hands-on practicum model that is part of a FUN program where learning is integrated into the natural and permaculture environment


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