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Young Environmentalists NGO and Mobile creche kids to promote Eco Diwali.

Young Environmentalists NGO and Mobile creche kids to promote Eco Diwali.

As noise pollution becomes a global epidemic, the members of the Young Environmentalists NGO along with Balwadi Mobile creche kids and Green Team Meluha ecotel  in Powai have taken dramatic measures to establish a peaceful and colourful Diwali on October 18th Saturday 5pm at the Hiranandani Rodas hotel street center.The Young Environmentalists Programme trust has always been a pioneer in facilitating the coomunity and corporates around to make adaptive green lifestyle changes in their daily lifestyle habits.This one was surely one of them. Over 200 citizens joined the environment awareness event.

Says Dr.Kala of Powai Mumbai, “ Art always makes an impact. Instead of preaching it is wise to share the message of an eco Diwali via graffiti for shoppers and visitors to help spread the social message. Society is educated by the presence of these images. It really drives the message home. I am proud of the work that Young Environmentalists NGO is doing.It is air and sound pollution that harm the animals, pets and senior citizens as well as young babies , so celebrate with care."

Diwali is the festival of lights but even during such glaring examples of floods and climate change the world over, citizens still pursue harmful acts towards nature. Air pollution is a grave offence where the environmental atmosphere is concerned.
 Explains  Elsie Gabriel founder of Young Environmentalists Programme trust NGO, “People need to be involved in spreading the message, the youth play a very powerful role. Hence Graffiti writing survives as a creative, playful response to a call to have a pollution free and soundless festival.: By writing the messages and drawings on the wall each individual literally vows never to burst poisonous crackers. Our  team is a group which co-ordinates with the community to spread environmental messages.”

Diwali is an important festival which can be celebrated by simply lighting lamps and enjoying time with the less fortunate and family. If every person stops or lowers the number of crackers they burst every year, they will be protected from a number of pollution related problems.
The festival also gifted the underprivileged children from the slums and spread the message of love and light rather than crackers and pollution.

Mission of Young Environmentalists Programme in Schools. Elsie Gabriel Outdoors education.

                     Mission of Young Environmentalists Programme in Schools.

  • Emphasizing hands-on learning.
  • Developing social responsibility.
  • Instilling integrity, honesty, ethics and compassion as core underlying values.
  • Recognizing the importance of a holistic education.
  • Building natural habitat and green spaces within the school.
  • Inculcating Green leadership.
  • Grooming Civic habits.
  • Engaging student sin research,measurement and deductions.
  • Making Education fun and a happy experience.
  • Creating solid proactive happy memories for each student.
  • Involving outdoor.activity based/campus education into curricular.
  • Making part of the curricular text books active through the Environmental programmes.
  • Involving Parents and Guardians into the life of the students and environmental programmes.
  • Reaching out to the Community as leaders in the environmental movement.
  • Celebrating Environment International Dates.
  • Sunday, October 12, 2014

    World Tourism day celebrations 2014 by Young Environmentalists Programme trust Mumbai at Meluha the Fern ecote Powai Mumbai ,India.

    World Tourism day celebrations 2014 by Young Environmentalists Programme trust Mumbai at Meluha the Fern ecote Powai Mumbai ,India.

    World Tourism Day celebrations at Meluha ecotel Powai on September 29th at Meluha the Fern Ecotel Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai was a house packed roaring success.

    The celebrations saw H.E. Consul General of South Africa .Pule Malefane and H.E. Consul general of Vietnam .Vu Son Thuy, Chairman of Travel council of India Jay Bhatia, Ahmer Shaikh of Maharshtra Tourism Development corporation-MTDC, Niranjan Hiranandani,Celebrity Mukesh Rishi, Actor Karan Goddwani, Master chef Saransh Goila of Food Food, Gladwyn Pinto from TAFI and celebrity Arti Surendranath from the Wild life trust, along with diplomatic Officer Pinkey Ahluwalia from the Belgium consulate, Leena Karkera from Madhya Pradesh tourism, Clarence Fernandes-Rwanda Development Board,Co-Chairman Travel, Tourism/ Hospitality Committee-Indian Merchants' Chamber and a host of travel delegates from around the world including  representatives from Oman, Thailand, Reunion islands,Tourism board of Kenya.
    Raynah Cutinoh presented a colourful film of Thailand Tourism which spoke of all the aspects of eco tourism,The information on culinary delights to all the non vegetarians and vegetarian Indians  wanting to travel to Thailand came as a good surprice.
    The jewel destination of Oman and its multidimensional aspects was presented by Ms.Mathews, the water zones of Oman were specially attractive..

    Many travel and media enthusiasts gathered to mark the occasion through various colourful audio video films connecting people on this day.
    Elsie Gabriel founder of the Young Environmentalists Programme trust who planned and organized the date according to the Indian working calendar first showed the official film by UNWTD 2014 to the audience to introduce and share the theme for 2014.
    As this year’s World Tourism Day draws special attention to the role of tourism in contributing to one of the building blocks of a more sustainable future for all: Community development,several community leaders were also called for the function.

    The guest of honour H.E. Consul General of South Africa .Pule Malefane spoke on how South Africa is enchanting, “We invite you to tour South Africa, we have a wealth of elements of nature, wild life and tourism in South Africa is enchanting.Africa is the cradle of humanity and culture,what you see in pictures of South Africa are not photo shopped but real and exciting in real life. For us the community upliftment is the focus. South Africa is very friendly and welcomes tourists.We are happy to be part of the world tourism day today in Mumbai organized by Young Environmentalists Programme trust.”
     Going beyond the immediate impact of job creation and multiplying the tourism impact was well expounded upon by Mr.Jay Bhatia of the travel council of India, "We are happy to celebrate world tourism day here with Young Environmentalists and Meluha ecotel. We need to support tourism through our united efforts.The travel industry not only provides jobs and careers for the community but also uplifts local and ecological tourism which leads to sustainability. Our association works unanimously for the same goal."

     Said Author and naturalist Elsie Gabriel founder of Young Environmentalists organizer of the event,  “The day seeks to address challenges, And to highlight the contribution that the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals.We are all connected and only by networking can we take the mission of sustainability forward. We must buy local and eat local thus cutting down travel footprints.If we venture out to travel across the globe ensure that you use local food and promote local culture and boost local economy of the place of visit” 

    Mr.Ahmer Shaikh of MTDC spoke very clearly that now Maharshtra has improved amenities to attract more tourists, " We have sea planes as well as special day trips to sea sides and caves, all in Maharashtra.There is more tous than just Mumbai city tours, we give you eco friendly torus and jundle trips, all very eductaional and refreshing.We are proud to be part of this Young Environmentalists Programme trust World Tourism day celebrations."

    Said Actress Arti Surrendranath  of Wild life trust , “We must also focus on animal conservation when we speak of valuable tourism. The Seminar presentations by leaders in the field of travel and tourism in various sectors assembled together to foster awareness among the community for the importance of tourism and its academic-educational, social, sustainable, cultural, political and economic value is what we need to network.”

    Voiced Punish Sharma chief of the Meluha ecotel Powai, “We are happy to host the World Tourism day 2014.We as a ecotel only work in areas of sustainable tourism and have won 29 international awards for a sustainable hotel and eco tourism. Our hotel involves our community and that’s what community development is all about.  We are a 100% garbage free ecotel and involve our clients to become green travelers.”

    The social event was aimed to ensure a continued dialogue between the public and private sectors. Said H.E. Consul general of Vietnam Vu Son Thuy, “Vietnam is very close by to India and we are happy to welcome Indians to our country.We need more people to discover Vietnam, it has good food and eco friendly tourism and is very educational. We have the best beaches in the world. Come discover Vietnam. We want more Indian tourists to visit Vietnam.”
      Talks on renewable options for water heating, air conditioning and electricity generation can cut hotel operating costs, advance sustainability while making them more appealing for tourists, were discussed.

                                     Each country displayed a film and the event was very informative to the audience,making world tourism day really worth connecting people of the world here in Powai.Master chef sanransh Goila editor of FOOD FOOD also outlined how food was an important source of income for many tourist centers and how food was the essence of tourism.

    Master Chef Parimal Sawant of the ecotel Meluha made a grand display and offerings of World Cuisine as the celebrations luncheon affair which had everyone in attendance in awe of the culinary expertise at Meluha ecotel Mumbai.The event achieved to discuss and establish that tourism is community development and that we are all connected; only by working together and networking could we develop in a proactive manner.

    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    Young Environmentalists Programme trust host Earth Hour Mumbai India

    Award winning Meluha ecotel creates an EARTH HOUR cake to campaign for conservation!
     Meluha the Fern ecotel Powai Mumbai and Young Environmentalists Programme trust host Earth Hour  Classical Dance extravaganza at the hotel at 7pm March 29th.
    Mumbai’s greenest ecotel and 26 times award winning Hotel Meluha the Fern ecotel, Powai Mumbai India switched off its lights this Saturday night March 29th at 8.30pm for an hour in support of the global environmental initiative, Earth Hour.
    The Greenteam of Mleuha the Fern ecotel and the Young Environmentalists Programme trust joined hands to bring on the Earth Hour campaign through the medium of a Classical dance extravaganza at the hotel at 7pm March 29th.
    Bollywood Actress Mandana Karimi.,Ms Universe Shilpa Singh,Chaya Ali Khan TV actress,World renowned tabla maestro Anuradha Pal and Punish Sharma AGM of Mleuha ecotel as well as Young Environmentalists Elsie Gabriel founder inaugurated the function last night.
    The NGO campaigned for EARTH HOUR in Mumbai and over 100 buildings switched off lights to mark the occasion.
    Actor Arjun Kapoor has also kickstarted the EARTH HOUR campaign a week ago to boost Mumbais participation.

    In demonstration of its corporate value of respecting and caring for the wider community, Meluha ecotel has announced that it will take a global stand against climate change by participating in Earth Hour 2014 throughout the entire year and not just for one hour.  All non essential lights were switched off including music and lobby lights.
    Says Punish Sharma the A.G.M. of the ecotel, “We are proud to associate with Earth Hour and switch off to raise awareness on global warming.” Adds Sharma, “To improve energy efficiency the ecotel has a green building structure which uses outside sunlighting system to illuminate the lobby and coffee shop. The practice of reduce, reduce and recycle has been followed at the ecotel for the past ten years now and the hotel encourages its guests to practice the same. The ecotel is also a certified zero garbage hotel ranking it as one of the numero uno green practicing hotels in the world.The ecotel has won over two dozen green awards for best sustainability practices in the world.”
    The ecotels celebrated chef Parimal Sawant and the ecotels green kitchen created a special EARTH HOUR CAKE for the very first time in history. The master Chef Parimal is an artistic culinary expert putting his gourmet skills for the cause of conservation for EARTH HOUR!  
    Every year, across the entire world, hundreds of millions of people across more than 5,200 cities in 135 countries take part in Earth Hour, which since its inception in 2007 has grown to become the world’s biggest voluntary action for the planet,there was no way,Mumbai was going to get left behind.
    Voices Elsie Gabriel founder of Young Environmentalists NGO who has been whole heartedly assisting WWF promote EARTH HOUR in Mumbai India, "This year, the theme for Earth Hour is ‘switch to renewable energy’, which marks the start of a new phase for the Earth Hour movement, asking people and organizations to commit to an action, big or small, that they will sustain for the future of the planet.In Mumbai the government has not put an official ban on plastic bags and we need to get the government to change this policy .We also urge that academicians at the board level restore the subject of EVS ie Environmental Science back into the school curriculum in India.The youth of today need to learn about environment and conservation .We encourage you to use renewable energy sources, solar power, recycle cloth bags and keep on reusing, reusing and reusing!"

    Th epoeple of Mumbai came out in large numbers to mark EARTH HOUR!

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Actor Arjun Kapoor brand ambassador kick starts EARTH HOUR campign in Mumbai. Elsie Gabriel

    Actor Arjun Kapoor brand ambassador kick starts EARTH HOUR in Mumbai. Elsie Gabriel

     Celebrated actor Arjun Kapoor along with Ritika  Bhalla and Rituparna Sengupta of WWF and Elsie Gabriel founder of Young Environmentalists programme trust NGO kick started the EARTH HOUR campaigne today March 25th 2014 in Mumbai at Grand Hyatt .

    At 8.30pm local time on Saturday 29th March, Earth Hour 2014 will see hundreds of millions of people around the world cross borders of race, religion, culture, geography and society to unite in a single moment of contemplation for the planet and celebration of their year-round commitment to protect it.

    Now in its eight year Young Environmentalists Programme trust and WWF together celebrate the annual lights out event in Mumbai.We congratulate the WWF in its earth hour mission worldwide.

    Actor Arjun Kapoor spoke about his association for the Earth Hour cause and invited citizens to come forward and participate .” Earth hour is the largest campaign in history, balance development and respect environmental concerns.”Arjun also shared that he planted trees and used water and electricity sparingly during his daily life routine.

    This conservation event which has grown from a single-city initiative in 2007 to become the world’s largest display of environmental action, with citizens of 135 countries and territories across every continent coming together for Earth Hour  indicating a growing global movement of positive change in environmental attitudes.

     “Buildings and homes in entire Mumbai are requested to switch off all lights just for one hour to help conserve energy and spread the sustainability message. Unite and harmonise with the rest of the world,Use your power of individuality and join forces to become world citizens through the Earth Hour.”, says Elsie Gabriel founder Young Environmentalists.”Adopt renewable energy and save the planet for our children and their children.The youth of today can move mountains and the power of youth must be paid attention to. Powai Mumbai leads in motivating citizens to wake up and join the EARH HOUR."
    The Young Environmentalists uses interactive conservation events rather than preaching to the public,involving the public turns them around in converting to adopt a green living lifestyle.
    Says Ritupuran Sengupta of WWF, “ Go beyond the one hour.Switch  off  non essential  lights  at  8:30pm to 9.30pm. It’s  about  making  a  commitment  to  ongoing  change  that  reduces  your  impact  on  the  environment  and  celebrating  your  commitment  to  the  planet  with  the  people  of  the  world  during  Earth  Hour. .”

    This year join Earth Hour for a mega Classical Dance extravaganza by Young Environmentalists Programme trust NGO  at Meluha ecotel Powai at 7pm March 29th 2014.
    And this year, after the lights have gone off, Earth Hour will continue to see the mobilising of people around the world taking action and using the movement as a platform to create some of the most inspiring digital and on the ground solution driven activities in its history.
    This year as millions of people watch lights going out around the world, famous landmarks confirmed to participate in the event include the Empire State Building, Tower Bridge - London, St Pauls, Edinburgh Castle, Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, The Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, the Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe to Asia, the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and many more.So switch off and join the movement!

    At the press meet Actor Arjun Kapoor  and WWF took the Young Environmentalists Programme pledge for Earth hour,

    “We the patrons of EARTH HOUR promise to switch off for a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.We pledge today to leave behind greener footprints in all our daily living habits.”

    Sunday, February 9, 2014

    Young Environmentalists Curriculum Elsie Gabriel

    Young Environmentalists Curriculum which:

    · Develops the essential skills of: reading, writing, mathematics and science
    · Has a green aspect evolving from ecology to sustainability through a ‘getting your hands dirty’ and ‘getting mud between your toes’ approach.
    · Recognizes and appreciates the local geographical and cultural context.
    · Is based on an academic scope and sequence
    The Outline of our Young Environmentalists Curriculum are:
    To nurture respect for the natural world
    To heighten students’ environmental awareness and to promote stewardship
    To develop deep ecological values
    To understand and practice permaculture as the harmonious integration of land and people to provide food, shelter, energy in a sustainable way
    Formation of Young Environmentalists Nature Club-
    This includes awareness school classroom/campus projects for Junior:
    · Plant/food/fruit/green gardens
    · Aquatic systems
    · Nature trails
    · Waste usage
    · Water usage
    · Energy conservation
    · Employing management systems
    · Animal /pet corner
    · Local community Eco Fair
    · Give ideas to design the school with with renewable resources/energy.
    · Young Environmentalists Year end certificates for all .
    To offer a curriculum that is holistic: integrating all aspects of the child’s nature, multiple intelligences and curiosity for learning. This is approached through a hands-on practicum model that is part of a FUN program where learning is integrated into the natural and permaculture environment